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Starship Enterprise built from bricks of LEGO® Creator set 31006

Recent Updates

21.09.2013: New MINI Model!
A new version of the Starship Enterprise has been added today! The special thing about this particular model is that you can build it using only pieces of LEGO® Creator set 31006. Instructions are included as usually, so go have a look and build your own Starship Enterprise!


No updates in this period.


24.10.2010: New MINI Model!
The Klingon Vor'Cha-class Attack Cruiser is the first new Klingon vessel design outside "The original Series" (TOS). It was build as symbol of the alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. As a result of technology exchange, the Vor'Cha-class features warp nacelles similar to those of typical Federation fleet vessels. Go and have a look!


30.10.2009: New MINI Model!
Mentioned in Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan - is the DY-100-class Sleeper Ship "Botany Bay" which has been updated today! Go and have a look!

01.02.2009: New Minifigure!
One of the most popular side characters from TNG has just been added! It's Guinan, mysterious bartender of Ten Forward aboard the Enterprise!

11.01.2009: New MINI Model!
As a lesser known Federation fleet vessel, the Freedom-class cruiser only appears in the Wolf 359 debris field in the TNG episode(s) "Best of Both Worlds". It only has once centered warp nacelle, which was realized by using SNOT bricks. Go check it out!


16.09.2008: 2 New MINI Models!
Two new ships have been added today! Although they're both classic style, one of them appears in the TNG series. It's the USS Jenolan in the episode "Relics", a Sydney-class vessel. The other ship for today is the Vulcan Warpshuttle from Star Trek I.

Vulcan Warpshuttle


09.04.2007: New MINI Model!
One of the most common smaller Federation craft ist the Danube-class Runabout, often only adressed as "Runabout". It's mainly seen in the episodes of the DS9 series, but also at least in one episode of both other series, TNG and VOY. Go check it out!

24.02.2007: Two new MINI Models!
Common and popular starships through all series are the Excelsior-class cruisers. A variant of this popular starship design also appears in the series "Deep Space 9" (DS9), the Centaur-class cruiser. Don't miss them!

18.02.2007: New Minifigure!
Do you remember the episode "The Quality of Life" from "The Next Generation" series? If so, you will also remember the little Exocomp droids. Be sure to have a look!

11.02.2007: Five new MINI Models!
To celebrate the new site, five brand new starship MINI models are being uploaded today! Four of them are Federation vessels, and the fifth one is an old Romulan warship. Don't miss them!

11.02.2007: Three new Minifigures!
Finding official LEGO torsos to build Star Trek minifigures is not easy. It was, however, possible to find two torsos which are similar to the command uniforms of "The Next Generation" and th movies. Have a look at three famous officers!

11.02.2007: New Site!
Finally a new site has been designed for the Star Trek MINI Models and Minifigures made out of bricks! The new domain is It is part of my new LEGO® site, but is a stand-alone site on itself. Welcome to the new site!


Construction of 18 unique Star Trek MINI Models. They have been uploaded into a BrickShelf Gallery. A separate site for the Star Trek MINI Models had not been designed yet.

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